The difference
is in every detail

The Marwood International Team is a full service, award-winning, Tier I and 2 automotive OEM structural components and modular assembly supplier, that focuses on waste elimination and light-weighting initiatives. From prototypes to full volume products to end of life service parts, we’re ready to work with you.


Automated manufacturing 
systems allow us to use
robotics in both manufacturing
processes and inspection, often
in tandem.



Dedicated to fast paced automotive
manufacturing with the ability
to manufacture quality parts using
a variety  of materials, including
ultra-high strength steel and aluminum.


Tooling & Engineering

Based on customer supplied designs,
our multi-disciplined engineering
team applies our value analysis and
value engineering process so we can
deliver on our promise.


Our power is in our people

Building a strong community to inspire strength in our employees.

Our Community