Investing in talent to
maximize their true potential

Marwood has achieved its status as a world-class manufacturing operation by recognizing the importance of strong leadership and the belief that leading by example creates strong communities and attracts strong talent. Through the development of talent we continue to strive for excellence by achieving and exceeding our goals.

Leadership – Leading through example while fostering change and promoting innovation.
Excellence – Excellence through achievements and teamwork.
Accomplishment – Recognizing of milestones in business, personal growth and development.
Development – Development through continuous improvement not just in process and procedures but our teams and employees.

Employee Testimonials


I began my career with Marwood in 1993 as a press operator and 25 years later, I am grateful for having been given the opportunity to work for such a supportive and community minded company. Marwood has given me the tools and support that has permitted me to grow and improve my skills which has provided me further opportunities of advancement within the organization. I am proud to continue to contribute to the success and ongoing growth of Marwood which has led to numerous community projects that Marwood has led, participated and financially supported.

Posted 2019

Cindy Gasparetto, Accounts Payable Coordinator

I am proud to say that I will soon be celebrating my 13th anniversary working at Marwood. I started as a temporary employee at Plant 3, when after a few months I got hired on full time and moved on to Plant 1. After about a year I got transferred to Plant 4, where I became a Team Leader and held that position for six years. Currently I hold a title of Production Scheduler at Plant 4. Marwood is a strong and stable company. Always evolving, never resting, and always looking for the next innovation to allow us to stand out further from our competition.  Solid benefits, opportunities for professional development and a positive atmosphere makes Marwood the right place to work.

Posted 2019

Aleksandra L Webber, Production Scheduler

I am proud to be a part of the Marwood Team. I enjoy the people I work with and I feel as though I am appreciated and allowed to take initiative actions to get things accomplished.

Posted 2019

Lesley Lockstein, Internal Quality Support Leader

I have worked for Marwood for 19 years and have witnessed some pretty great changes. Although I was not around when they started in a small building without walls, I have seen them expand from two to five advanced facilities and witnessed the entire culture of the company shift to a place that values input, cares about feedback and implements changes for the better of the people and their customers. The owners have their hearts invested in the success of this business, not just for themselves but for their employees and the town as a whole. This has been apparent not only by their continual growth but by the personal sacrifices they made during the 2008 recession to keep the company afloat when most manufacturing businesses were closing. Marwood genuinely cares, they really are more than just metal and it’s that philosophy that makes coming to work every day truly enjoyable.

Posted 2019

Stacey Harris, Service Parts/Packaging Specialist