With our dedicated team, anything is possible

It is our core belief that a strong community attracts strong talent. Since founded, we’ve been happily supporting our community through donations to local sports teams, the Tillson burg Hospital, local walking trails, community center arenas, and the local amateur theater. Supporting our local community means supporting our employees.


Sustaining our environment for generations to come

Throughout our history, Marwood has been
actively environmentally conscious. From our
sourcing of materials to our manufacturing
and processes, we are committed to minimizing
our environmental impact and improving our
natural environment every day. As an ISO 14001
the company, we make every effort to protect and
enhance the environment.

Always upgrading to lessen
our environmental impact

Marwood uses the latest technology in T8 lighting,
synchronous motors and capacitor banks to reduce
our overall electricity demand. All process water is
closed-loop and every aspect of our operation is
reviewed monthly by senior management to ensure
we capitalize on the latest conservation technology.
In addition, we have been generating and providing
renewable solar electricity back to the Ontario Hydro
Electric since August of 2010.


The pride of Marwood is being able to give our community
support and jobs. Be a part of a team that cares!