Bringing quality with a passion
to the automotive industry

With the recent acquiring of Final Coatings Inc., Marwood is proud to offer e-coating in a newly equipped facility with the latest technology. We are the environmentally-responsible choice, with quick turn-around times, unsurpassed quality and competitive pricing.

What is E-Coating?

The electrophoretic painting process is best described as a combination of plating and painting. The process uses an electrical current as a metal part is immersed in a water-based solution to attract and secure the paint product to that metal surface.

The Operation

Accommodating parts from 2’8” high to 2’ wide and 7’ long, our e-coating process has a line speed of 24 racks per hour. The ultraviolet technology ensures our reverse osmosis system is kept bacteria-free, and our full waste-water system ensures is environmental responsibility.

Additional services that result in immediate value


With our own equipment on site, we can eliminate your need to coordinate external parties and ensure no time is wasted delivering quality parts to your end user.


Let our flexible production associates handle all post-paint light assembly requirements, preventing wasted miles and labour allowing you to focus on your core manufacturing operation.

Containment and Rework

With a signature containment validation process in hand, we will protect you and your parts without incurring additional costs to redirect your goods and eliminate the potential for additional damage and lost accountability once in transit.